Food Backpack for Kids

Together, No Child Will Go Hungry

Dale Edwards - Chief Executive Officer

His background as a pastor lends his heart to the needs of young people, and the experience to organize people to help meet those needs

Marilyn Barba - Program Director

Our Program Director brings an abundance of enthusiasm to getting the job done with joy and gladness. 5 foot and change of nothing but optimism.

Deb Williams - Finance Coordinator

Collecting funds and using them wisely to purchase the best food products is an awesome responsibility. Deb is our go-to!

Walt Homenyk - Delivery Liaison

The last piece of our organizational puzzle is Walt. He brings the muscle to gather the food and get it delivered to the school representative in charge of discreet distribution. Wonderful Walt.

Sue Scott - Operations Coordinator

Sue revolutionized our infrastructure so it’s effective and efficient … AND she makes it look so easy! Sue, and her Operations Assistant, Suzie Donati, are gifts that keep on giving to our program. With their skill sets, FB4K is purchasing all food in local markets!

Laverne Sanders - Packing/Distribution Coordinator

Okay. People know about us, donate time, effort and money, but what good is all this without the food? Not a problem … Laverne keeps our food chain flowing smoothly!

Frank Lewis - Web Master / Digital Media

Frank is the most recent addition to the team and is integral in updating our online presence.